• Clementine Cheah

Beginning Of A New Journey

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

The plan to start a stationery business happened way back in February 2020.

Since I started bullet journalling early this year, I have binge watched countless journalling and stationery haul videos. And I realised that there are really a lot of stationery lovers who find satisfaction in collecting washi tapes, stickers, notebooks, PENS, etc. Hence, I thought, since I like stationery, I like art - why not start my own store and bring joy to other people's life?

Hence the start of paperkraf.com

Starting a business is no easy feat because it involves a lot of planning, thoughts, spreadsheets and of course the money to fill up the inventory. The entire process took about 7 months - the Covid situation definitely didn't help because the stocks that were supposed to arrive in March/April took longer than it should due to lockdowns. There are also many other road bumps along the way - let's keep that in a different post.

But here we are, after months of hard work, I finally gave birth to my very own stationery store! With the first milestone checked, I can't wait to work towards the next goal.

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