• Clementine Cheah

Are You Happy?

I know I started this blog to jot down my business experience but I thought it will also be a great place to record the milestones of my life as well. So that I can reflect back on this five to ten years down the road. You know, like a time capsule.

One of my goals this year is to brush up my writing and pay more attention to my personal wellbeing so I downloaded this app called Question Diary to give me inspirations on topics to write everyday. And the first question hit me hard.

Are you happy?

I never asked myself this question probably because I don't really have an answer. It's not fair to say that I am not happy because I have a lot of things in life that many dreamt of - family, comfortable home, good food, all the gadgets I need, a really good job, etc

But I am not truly happy as well - and I don't really know what is the roadblock that is stopping me from being happy. Am I being ungrateful? Is it because I am not as successful as i wanted to be? Will I be happy when I finally achieve all my goals? Is it because I haven't make enough money to splurge my family with a luxurious lifestyle? Will I be finally happy when I make a lot of money?

Does anyone actually know if they are happy? Or am I the only one stuck in this confusing state of mentality?

I hope that I will one day find the answer - perhaps one, five or even ten years from now.

For now, I guess I'll just live my life being contented and just be grateful with the good things that life has rewarded me with.

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